Who we are – Heritage Lodge 371

Welcome to Heritage Lodge. We are happy to invite you to join our Masonic fraternity. Heritage is a lodge filled with energy, warmth, and good-will. We like to be together for friendship, to learn to become better men, and to help others. We meet monthly.Those of you who don’t know about Masonry probably need to understand that we are not a secret organization. Like all fraternities, we have secret ways of recognizing each other. The closed parts of our meetings are about our financial business, our charitable projects, and the way we receive new members. Becoming a new member is an awesome experience. It is neither stressful nor embarrassing. Our rituals are historical re-enactments, teaching remarkable moral lessons.We are open to all races and religions. We all believe in a Supreme Being. We are proud to stand for: Brotherhood, Relief, and Truth.Please explore the rest of our site and do not hesitate to request additional information.

God bless!