Orders of Architecture by Bro:. Donte Silas

Orders of Architecture: Doric, Tuscan, & Composite

Donte L. Silas .ž.



Lets say the theory of the BIG BANG is indeed true.  That would mean everything and everyone is intertwined and connected.  Everything and everyone serves a purpose.  There is a unique code and story behind every essence in everything that happens in every microsecond of our life.  From the music that we listen to from the foods that we eat.  We feel emotions from these things and most of us get inspired by the most obscure things.  I like to think this is because we are all connected and this is done on purpose because this is all apart of the Divine plan.

When it comes to Five Orders of Operation; particularly the Doric, Tuscan, and Composite Columns there is a unique code of infinite possibilities that they can offer to anyone; as long as you make yourself receptive to it.

Strong, Powerful, Beauty and Peace, these are things that would be described as characteristic of the Greek Goddess Athena and I think its no coincidence that The Parthenon was built in her honor.  The Parthenon is a temple assembled by a multiple of Doric columns.  The same chararistics also describe the Doric order.  Its been said that when people visit The Parthenon they get a sense of feeling Strong, Powerful, at peace and full of grace and for me say.

Built and 8-9 years by the Athenians 2,500 years ago, its been 35+ years that the Parthenon has been under reconstruction because the mentality of today’s human minds aren’t nearly as keen and powerful as the past historical masons who constructed these Doric columns.  It could be because we are no long in the Golden Age it could also be that we are in the Golden Age; it’s just that some of us aren’t receptive to opening ourselves to infinite possibilities.  We are limitless.  Whatever the case my be the Doric also embodies the essence of Athena.  Born in Greece, wearing a crown with a shaft of about 20; In Numerology the number 20 stands for souls who have the knowledge of both good and evil and must consciously make choices to attain balance in all situations. Also characteristic of Athena. With no base the Doric order is very plain, but powerful-looking in its design.  Doric Order was used for buildings where discipline, restraint and stability were important.

The Doric is Massive, it has a different chapiter at the top, a circle which represent the oneness of God (Isaiah 40:22….. He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.)

Its massiveness represents the awesome power of God Himself.  It is the first of the Greek Columns and represents Strength, the Pillar of the Senior Warden in the Lodge,  Who is the one in Support for the Master in the opening and closing of his Lodge.  He is the keeper of the wages of the craft, instructed to pay them out; order of the WM.




This pillar is emblematical of the West in direct contact with and for the Worshipful Master, both representing the sun as it travels from East to the West.  It is a journey of life, rising and setting, doing so on the just as well as the unjust.  It tells of the times as morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night, five (5) stations or areas of time.  It is man in his infancy as well as in his seniority or his death.

This Pillar is strength as it pays the wages of those that may become dissatisfied and become disruptive in the Lodge.  Those wages are equal and are given to all members that work in the quarries of the Lodge.  It was Friendship that got you in the Lodge, Morality was the Lodge’s teachings and Brotherly Love is the highest from of Love found on earth.  We are to love one another as Christ has loved us.  A mighty symbol of Strength, a mighty emblem of the man in control, a Mason of parade!

When it comes to the Tuscan Order it is the plainness of the bunch, but it still fits in with the rest because of its massive size

I like to think of it a representation of an initiate of Freemasonry.  Stripped of everything yet aspiring to be like the to be come like the Ionic.  Essentially that’s exactly what it is.  The Tuscan is the same stature as the Doric, same width and without all the bells and whistles.  Born in Rome.  Opposite of the Doric the Tuscan is typically seen in fortified places, such as city gates, fortresses, castles, treasuries, or where artillery and ammunition are kept, prisons, seaports and other similar structures used in war.  Some also say the Tuscan is like many members of the Masonic Lodge.  Just sitting on the bench, side line, not doing anything outstanding (which is a matter of opinion not fact), isn’t on any board or committee, does not serve as an officer, Yet without him, there wouldn’t be the numbers in the lodge, so we must keep him.

Continuing on with the symbolism when it comes to the Composite Order I like to associate it with Immortality of the soul.  Which is what one gets after completing the entire task that the Creator has given thee.  Having all the chararatics of the Creator compiled into one that is what the Composite column has with the other columns in the Order of Arctecthuere.  Which represents the five human senses.


Some would say the  Composite column is useless to the Masonic order.  The first one represents Taste, the last column represents Smell.  We need the three Pillars for they represent Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, or Seeing (to see the sign), Hearing (to hear the Word) and Feeling (to feel the grip, whereby one Mason may know another in the dark as well as in the light).  You need these three (3) to be a Mason, but you can neither taste nor smell Freemasonry.

You can smell a Mason if he does not have good hygiene habits, but if you are found tasting a Mason, you will be brought up on charges of unMasonic conduct!

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