Our Lodge History

Lodge History

Heritage Lodge #371 was Established on April 29th, 1996, but its ancestry goes back nearly two centuries. Heritage Lodge is the combination of five Lodges that have consolidated throughout the years = Corinthian Lodge #488, Architect Lodge #519, Greenwich #467, Naphtali Lodge #752 and Sagamore Lodge #371. The earliest of these Lodges can be traced back to April 7, 1825, when a dispensation was granted to form a Lodge in Greenwich Village, with the number 381. Due to unknown circumstances, Greenwich Lodge #381 surrendered its warrant to the Grand Secretary on December 7, 1835.

A petition was presented to revive Greenwich Lodge on January 28th, 1859, and the Lodge number was raised to 467.

The first consolidation occurred in the early 1960’s, with Naphtali Lodge #752 and Sagamore Lodge #371, renamed Sagamore-Naphtali #371. When the Lodge merged with Greenwich Lodge #467 on May 4, 1971, the name Sagamore Lodge #371 was accepted. Corinthian Lodge #488 merged with Architect Lodge #519 on May 3, 1967,andrenamedCorinthian-Architect#488; and nearly 30 years later united withSagamore Lodge, to form Heritage Lodge #371.
The following is the chronicle of each Lodge, their ancestral details, as well important dates related to each: