The Aged Old Comparison of Operative & Speculative Freemasonry

FC Brother John-Peter L. Cruz Heritage Lodge#371 4th Manhattan District September 6, 2012 The Aged Old Comparison of Op & Spec Freemasonry* “Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.” When asked, “Whence came you,” we all can, and should be able to quote from ritual. But when literally […]

Another meaning of Freemasonry

FREEMASONRY – WHAT IS IT? Freemasonry means many things to many people. This is true not only of the person who is not a Mason, but applies to Masons themselves. Some of those who have been members of the Masonic Craft for many years are afraid to mention even the things which almost everyone knows […]

Orders of Architecture by Bro:. Donte Silas

Orders of Architecture: Doric, Tuscan, & Composite Donte L. Silas .ž. 9.21.12   Lets say the theory of the BIG BANG is indeed true.  That would mean everything and everyone is intertwined and connected.  Everything and everyone serves a purpose.  There is a unique code and story behind every essence in everything that happens in […]

What is Freemasonry

What is Freemasonry? As we travel and learn through the different Masonic levels, and start reading some of the most fascinating Masonic books and interact with some of our brothers at different levels- we may realize important discoveries. It is at that point that we start realizing that Masonry is full of mystified and fascinated: […]